The Train Trip Itself!

So the train was just our mode of transportation *into* the maritimes. The provinces themselves have seperate pages for the stuff we did and pictures we took there.

Business class from Toronto to Montreal, masks mandatory but seats comfy!

Laptop/meal tray and lots of leg room, the wifi worked ok too, VPN a must on open network ofc.

Plentiful power for all your charging needs, but you might need to hit the little fuse button on the outlet like we did...

Stopping off in Montreal between trains, with amazing food and cool humans!

The weather was wild - every time we popped out of a shop it would rain, or hail, or something XD

Church across from the place with the amazing hummus (below)

The amazing hummus across the street from the church (above)

Double berth on The Ocean, Montreal to Toronto - Room pictured in bench-mode

The view out the window as we left Montreal

My dinner - it was pretty great, and eating anything on a train always feels fancy

The other one's dinner - fish with polenta and roasted veggies :o

Woke up rolling along this frozen river!

Yet more frozen river

I was proud of this one because of the mist on the hill (right)

Looking forward, down the frozen river

Hills with sun on em

Same hills, different river view

Train room in bunk-bed mode, this is my bed!

The other one, embodying that old-world breakfast-on-a-train glamour :D

Here he is in the Lounge car, it was pretty nice and we made some new friends!